Which is my favourite OS?

suddenly people have started to publish their favourite operating systems in their blogs and i thought i too should have some fun by doing the same. currently i have these operating systems installed on my computer:

  • Ubuntu (Debian based)
  • Zenwalk (Slackware based)
  • Fedora
  • Microsoft Windows XP

my favourite, as must be evident by the above list, is Debian. because i use Debian OS as the main server for my network, i thought i should install a different flavour of it on my pc. i may try Mepis os the next time.

the best thing i like about Debian based distros is its package manager called ‘apt.’ also there is a huge repository of packages ready to be downloaded and installed for debian. two dvd full of software can be kept handy by those who need to install them on multiple systems or have a slow internet connection. two step installation process of debian, where you can install only the base system in the first tier and then continue with the additional packages once the first part is successfully installed, gives lot of flexibility to the user. debian is also very secure and stable, more than any other gnu/linux distribution. this is also the reason why latest versions of many softwares are not available in debian but the tradeoff has been utilised by the ubuntu os and you get the latest, cutting-edge versions of all the software by sacrificing a bit on security and stability in ubuntu. because ubuntu is generally meant to be used on desktop only(all kinds of server applications can be installed on it, but you don’t use it as a public server machine), the security issue is not critical. but ubuntu comes with a single dvd worth of software and additionaly packages have to be installed from the internet. for KDE users, there is Kubuntu.

Slackware is another interesting distribution that is best known for its simpilicity and efficiency. the operating system, as well as its packages, get installed in real quick time. its package manager is also extremely simple to use but the repository of packages for slackware is not as big as debian’s. because i use it for development purposes, it suits me perfectly and i have found it as the fastest of all the popular gnu/linux distros. Zenwalk is a flavour of Slackware and installs only one software per every category – one browser, one word processor, one email client only saving a lot of disk space for me. its default desktop XFCE is also sleek and stylish. though the first thing that i installed on Zenwalk was the KDE package, which took less than one minute, i still spend most of my time in xfce.

i installed Fedora to check out the Core 4 version of it, but i am already thinking about installing PCLinuxOS or some thing else over it.

i use Windows XP primarily for development on .NET platform, and then for heavy printing jobs. i also keep most of my partitions meant for storing data under windows file system and manage them from windows xp because its easy to access windows partitions from gnu/linux than the other way round. my testbed machine contains 6-8 operating systems at once and the list keeps changing every 3-4 days. my brother is fond of Gentoo OS.
Final word? Debian as a server, Ubuntu for most of the desktop jobs(multimedia, internet etc), Zenwalk for development work and Windows XP for .NET and data storage.



  1. Aaron said

    You wouldn’t choose any of them if you ever used OS X, even for a little while. 🙂

  2. i can’t even think of using a non gnu/linux os as my primary operating system. what about the umpteen number of choices that i get for every kind of application? then there are various flavours to suit the various moods jobs, still all of them are basically the same. BSD and OS X are close, but still so different 🙂

  3. wrhntro said

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