K3B and amaroK: Only KDE applications I use

Whatever Linus Torvalds might have to say, i am happy with the GNOME desktop manager. i have used KDE for far too long, before i switched to GNOME, and i had never liked KDE very much – for whatever reasons. i liked a lot of applications in KDE though, like KDevelop, Kate etc. but i could always install and use these applications from GNOME too, albiet they might load a little bit slowly in GNOME. the number of KDE applications that i would use in GNOME started to decrease everyday, and very quickly i found that i was not using a single KDE application any more. that is the reason why i never felt any discomfort while using the Ubuntu operating system, which is completely a GNOME based distribution(the kde version of it is called Kubuntu). but the situation did not last for too long…and i came to know about atleast two killer KDE applications, which have compelling enuogh features to make them must-haves even for a GNOME user: K3B and amaroK. whereas GnomeBaker has a simple interface, K3B makes it extremely easy to do a lot of operations, like making a cd-to-cd copy, multisession burning etc, that are difficult to do in other cd burning apps, or are not yet supported. K3B is a combination of ease of use and a great feature set. when it comes to amaroK, it simply rocks! its interface allows so much to be done and yet it is so simple to use. it allows searching and saving album covers over the internet, has features for digging up song lyrics and for looking up artists in Wikipedia. it can transform to a smaller window while it is playing aka xmms or can just play from the notification area. got good skins and presets too. so even if you are a GNOME user, you definitely need atleast these two applications from the KDE stable.



  1. Manuel said

    I dont really burn so many cds, so GnomeBaker is more than enought for my needs, I used to use amaroK a long time ago(pre 1.0 versions) and i thought it rocked, but I dont like the new versions. So i use Banshee instead, its really a great player, it uses gtk# so it integrates really nicely with Gnome, really give a try :).

  2. Banshee according to me is a very promising product for the future, but in its current avatar, lacks some of the fancy features of amaroK(cd cover art, multiple lists etc). i have found the following review of RhythmBox, amaroK and Banshee to be a very balanced one: http://lwn.net/Articles/160704/

    Banshee should be the choice number one for the ipod lovers!!

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