Installing C++ Boost on SuSE and Fedora

C++ Boost on SuSE:

its simple to install C++ Boost on a SuSE system by using its YaST package manager.

  1. Run YaST and select "Software" from the left pane. Now select "Software Management" from the right pane and search for "boost" using the Search box.
  2. Select the boost packages that you want to install from the right pane(you atleast need boost – 1.33.0-3) and press the "Accept" button.

You can now test the boost installation by compiling the two programs i had mentioned in my earlier post, using the following commands:

$ g++ -o first first.cpp
$ g++-o second second.cpp -lboost_filesystem

C++ Boost on Fedora:

Installing C++ Boost on RedHat Fedora systems is also along the same lines. first download the boost-1.33.1-5.i386.rpm RPM file from the internet. you can search for a different version of the file if you are not using the fedora core 5 system. install it using the following command(you can directly click on the file):

$ rpm -ivh boost-1.33.1-5.i386.rpm

you can also install it using the yum package manager of Fedora. test the installation just as mentioned in the case of SuSE.


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